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catch a falling star and put it in your pocket

never let it fade away

you make me go 'doki doki!'
14 July 1988

take a nap✿

U-uh. Hey, everyone. \o\ I'm Squish. Nice to meet you? 'A' ♥ I love baking, sweets, roleplaying, and graphic design, as well as video games. I have a bunch of wonderful friends and a super special awesome fambly. Which is awesome.

My favorite color is pale green. 'A' but..I also like light orange, red, cerelean blue, and OCCASIONALLY pink. in very very small dosages. I'm 16, going on 17 on the 14th of July, and I do currently have a driver's license and even a car! My pisoshit truck. +A+ we're going to get it repainted..so it's going to be cerelean blue. +A+b

Some of my favorite video games are Kingdom Hearts, Tales of Symphonia, Abyss, and Legendia, as well as Phoenix Wright, Pokemon, Cooking Mama, and Legend of Zelda. I also have a WII. Which means. Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Bring it on. I go undefeated. +A+ actually, someone beat me, because I was laughing too hard, started tearing up, and couldn't see the screen without rubbing my eye. lulz. Oh well. I have WiFi, so any brave enough, drop me a line. +A+

I share an icon community with my Hubby! *A* My old icon community, the first one I ever made, essuicons holds my first 20 batches, and the icon community I share with Hubby (dazzley) is at rabuicons! Feel free to watch us and PARTAKE IN ICONS \o\ <333

One more thing- this journal is friends only, so comment to be added? Thanks~ *A* <33


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